The Bird’s and The Bee’s



We live in a sex saturated society. It’s not how it used to be, Ricky and Lucy sleeping in separate beds, clothed from head to toe. The world, specifically media has blown sex up so big that our students have no idea that there are any standards, no idea that there are any consequences with sex outside of marriage. In response to the world view of sex, we (Christian) have taken the opposite spectrum in which we ignore sex.  Maybe even go so far as to demonize it.  We hope to blur that line, and show students the beauty that God intended it to be inside marriage. In this case it’s all about context. The hope for this series is to talk about sex honestly, and bibically. We hope this is more then an abstinence series.  Our hope is for students to practice abstinence, but also tell them ‘why’.  We practice abstinence not just to avoid STDs, pregnancy, emotional scars, but also to honor God.  We want it to be truthful, insightful, and yet worshipful. Beginning Wednesday February 6th we will be talking about: 1) Manhood: what am I about? 2) Womanhood: Who am I? 3) Exposed: The Truth (this week we will talk about homosexuality) 4) Dating 5) Messed up?

We understand the sensitivity of this issue.  As always, parents are invited to attend.  Please know this is just an open invitation and by no means an obligation to attend.

If you  want to follow up with your child after each week we will post questions on our Facebook and Twitter page.  If you would like a copy of the weeks notes.  Your welcome to come into the church office, and get a copy of the notes.  We don’t want to hide or be sneaky about anything we discuss.  We understand the sensitivity of this issue, and want to partner with, you,  the parents to help disciple students.  Thank you for letting us partner with you.

In Christ

Cody Dougless