The Presence

What. A. Weekend. It was full. It was good. It was exhusting. It was worth it.

Lets start with Friday.
Ran errends through Carthage with Keri and Grace.
Lunch with the C2 FCC College Ministry Leaders (David, Matt, and Ashley)
Short nap
Loaded a bus full of Jr. High Students and Lighthouse leaders
Made it to Believe ’13 in Tulsa
Talked about the Holy Spirit ‘The Presence’
Leaders prep for Saturday

Then came Saturday
Woke up at 6:00am to prepare the day
Phil and Kristian woke up Jr. High boys with a table
The Presence with Jr. High peeps
Carried 3 6ft subs with Kristian and Nash for 7 blocks while getting cat-called.
Small Groups
The Presence
Made it back to Carthage
Fell asleep in 5 seconds of hitting the pillow

Oh, then theres Sunday
Orange Sunday
Jr. & Sr. Sunday School Class
Church (David brought it)
Grudgebowl (Leaders won, but with conterversy)
Judge wings at Superbowl party
Superbowl party

Thse are just some highlights and bullet points of the weekend. I couldn’t being describe the conversations and memories that were made. Still processing the theme of Believe and how ‘the presence’ needs to be a focus in the Lighthouse.

I can’t begin to describe the excitment of our youth leaders. A huge shout out goes to Phil, Kristian, Nicole, Abbe, and MaKenzie. They were outstanding. Credit must go to them as to the success of trip. They laughed, joked, prayed, studied, encouraged, worshipped, and taught our students. When student make a decision to follow Christ, repent of sin, pray, or look for help in life… there is nothing more exciting for me, as a youth pastor, then for those students to seek out a youth leaders. Don’t get me wrong I love doing those things with students. To see a youth leader invest into a student, and the student recieve it… those are highlites that fire me up as a youth pastor.

I can’t begin to describe the joy to be the youth pastor to the Lighthouse.

I can’t begin to describe the hope of the future to see student leaders invest into other students

In no way is the Lighthouse perfect. We are not a group of a few hundrad. We might not do a ton right. But our passion is Jesus. We strive to grow leaders and make disicples.

Thank you Father for weekends like this. Lord please let your presence dwell in us, through us, but for your kingdom. Lead us as we strive to grow leaders. Disciple us as we try to disciple people. Thank you Jesus for giving us a new identity, because of your work on the cross. Aman.