Lighthouse Student Ministry strives to build bridges between students and God.  We hope to accomplish this by tree aspects.  Come, Grow, and Serve.  Come: we hope students connect to a church body, by COMING to Christ and COMING to church.  Grow: we hope student are GROWING into disciples by loving God and loving people.  Serve: we hope students do something to benefit God’s kingdom by SERVING people and the world. We want to do more then just plan the social lives of students.  We don’t want to simply be known for camps, retreats, programs, ski-trips, fund-raisers, and all-nighters (Amos 5:21-22).  Holiness is much deeper than keeping kids busy or out of trouble.  We want to be known for creating the sweet aroma of Christ (2 Cor. 2:15-16) in the lives of students.  Our goal is to partner with parents to raise disciples.  Discipleship is not merely the knowledge of all that Jesus commanded but the obedience of all that Jesus commanded (John 14:15).  Students and culture are constantly changing.  The truth of Jesus never changes, but our methods do.  We hope to stay in front of culture being trendsetters of student culture.  Jesus never asks for us to remove ourselves from culture, but to be different then the culture we live in.  We don’t claim to have all of the answers, but we think Jesus does so we go to him.